Horror Movie of the Day: Week #3

Cool week of movies.  I promise that I will do some comics criticism soon, ha.  The comic I’m reading is just…really really long.  And I’m finishing up some of my own comics.  But yeah, my Fulci crush intensified this week.  I remembered how great Argento was.  And in general I feel like my language for seeing horror and breaking down how the parts that resonate with me work–is advancing.  It’s good because the comic I’m drawing after Bruise has some horror/thriller elements to it–so I’m learning a lot about the spaces I’m interested in creating and exploring.  It’s funny I was talking about this project with one of my friends the other day, and the notion of “why?” was sort of implied.  And I guess even though I’m writing these things, and people can read them, this is maybe more about the process of forcing analysis, and teaching my eyeballs and brain to see.  I think the pressure of putting something up for public consumption is a nice pressure for solidifying those ideas.  Which I think is all of my criticism.  I write so I can read better, see better.  This is how I get good at things.
Week 1, Week 2

#13: The Whip and the Body (Dir. Mario Bava)
#14: City of the Living Dead (Dir. Lucio Fulci)
#15: White Zombie (Dir. Victor Halperin)
#16: Hardware (Dir. Richard Stanley)
#17: The New York Ripper (Dir. Lucio Fulci)
# 18: The Bird With The Crystal Plumage (Dir. Dario Argento)
#19: Black Christmas (Dir. Bob Clark)

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