Horror Movie of the Day: Week 1

So I’ve started up a thing where I’m watching a horror movie a day.  This sprang out of weirdly enough, me getting fed up with Game of Thrones just piling rape scene after rape scene onto a book I quite love, for IMO little to no reason.  This caused me to question how valuable the experience was each week spending that hour there.  And then that sort of spread out more broadly to this “golden age” of Television overall.  And so I decided rather than waste my time chasing shitty unsatisfying TV shows that if they ever got goodish, would just attract stupid fanbases right before they then started getting bad–basically I’m an idiot, with bizarre, intentionally hypocritical views–and so I decided I would instead spend the time that I otherwise would have spent on television, on film, and more specifically horror.

I perhaps, with only small justification, like to call my comics horror comics, but given that, I feel I’m so poorly read when it comes to horror, particularly given what I want to make–and I feel like it’s past time I put in the work to develop the visual and storytelling bank.  So I’m just going to watch horror movies every day until my brain splits.  My only rules about this were that none of the movies could be after 1992.  I’m not sure why I picked that year, but I did.  I will probably break it at some point(in fact, I know I will, because I am planning to watch Nadja and that’s 1996).  For the most part, my selections are kind of random right now while I kind of organize queues and things.  I’m obviously super drawn to any kind of horror that is going to represent a stylish extreme of one thing or another.  But there will be a lot of stupid that I watch too.

As part of all of this, I’m writing every day a little bit about the previous night’s film.  This isn’t like…good writing.  It’s just sort of my informal thoughts on these films.  Maybe some will be interesting to read, maybe others won’t.  It doesn’t really matter.  But I think how I’m going to archive these here is just each week put up the links for the previous week’s selections, and that should be a nice way to keep this from encroaching too much into my comic’s criticism writing, which I actually DO spend time on(and plan to keep doing–which if you’re keeping track, I am penciling and inking 16 comic pages a month, writing about 3 1500+ word essays on comics, watching and writing about a horror film a day, coloring pages, and working a 30-38 hour job each week–I have no idea how I’m doing any of this.  But a lot of it involves not having much of a social life.  Which I think if I were younger is something that would have bothered me.  But after being married, I think I have realized that I very much prefer a ratio overwhelmingly isolated–these are all of the things I care about, so it’s really nice to just be able to pursue things to their obsessive end without worrying about whether you are neglecting someone else’s company.  Maybe I am some kind of narcissist.  But I like my brain a lot.)

Anyways.  These are the films I wrote about this week:
#1: Humanoids from the Deep (Dir. Barbara Peeters)
#2: Shock (Dir. Mario Bava)
#3: Don’t Torture a Duckling (Dir. Lucio Fulci)
#4: Female Vampire (Dir. Jess Franco)

I think of these, Shock was definitely my favorite.  With Female Vampire a close second.  If you’re scoring at home.  I got a lot out of both of those films.


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