My Comic Hecate Snake Diaries Vol. 2 Is Now Available


91 pgs/Full Color/$3.00 minimum/PDF

“Hecate Snake Diaries Vol. 2 is a mostly color 91-page collection of comics, art, and essays produced by Sarah Horrocks between August of 2012 and August of 2013.  The book focuses mainly on transgender issues and issues of machine consciousness alongside an interpolating static of movie scenes and quotes.  Stylistically it ranges between loose expressive pencils, and highly textured ink.

Sarah’s previous work includes the webcomic Ophelia, the print comic collaboration with Mater Suspiria Vision Dysnomia, and last year’s volume of Hecate Snake Diaries(still available for purchase).  Additionally, she is a sometimes contributor to Comicsalliance where she writes comics criticism.  She has done cover art for Boom Studio’s Adventure Time.  She resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.”

So yeah, I had no idea this would be this big.  The file is pretty massive because I wanted it to be high quality, and probably….technology.  I am pretty happy with it.  And I think some of the best comics I’ve ever done are here.  As with the first Hecate Snake Diaries, I wanted to sort of intersect my personal issues with sci-fi and horror topics, and see what came out.  A lot of what I do outside of these collections isn’t quite as personal, but I like the idea that each year I could put out a collection of comics that would sort of placemark where I was at at that period of time. 

Also even though, I much prefer print, and would prefer my comics to generally speaking come out in just print—I do like doing these digital only releases, particularly for such personal stories.  It’s very fast, and unfiltered and still also intimate.

Anyways.  I hope you enjoy the book.


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