Burn Hollywood to the Ground and Other Things Moebius Never Said

If you have to take Medium A into Medium B so that you can make enough money to continue to work in Medium A–there is something very wrong with medium A.

Medium A is comics.


Selling out is when you do something you don’t believe in with your art, in order to make more money or get more famous.

Alan Moore didn’t need hollywood and it didn’t make his life easier.  He could not be more clear about that fact.

If you want to make movies, make movies.  If you want to make comics, make comics.  Don’t make shitty versions of both, just so you can be greedy.

There is making a living off of your comics work.  And there is I want to be a rock star, off of my comics work.

If the comics community did a better job of taking care of itself, people would never even dream of doing books like Before Watchmen.

Film money disproportionately benefits the writer of the comic over the artist, and often times film and television deals are structured to the detriment of the artist, so the writer can get paid on the other side of the deal for screenwriting–whereas the Artist gets nada.

When you draw someone else’s script, know that in 90 percent of the reviews or mentions of the work, your name may not get mentioned, and your work will largely go unnoticed critically.

Thus realize all of that work that you are putting in, is so the writer “partner” of yours can get the full page ad with their face and name, and blow up and live their dream.  Where if anything happens for you, it will be proportionately of less value than what has happened for your writer.  So realize that.

The two worst entities in comics are the publishers and the writers.  Much of the exploitation of artists is coming from these two parties.

The answer to comics isn’t to jump into film with both feet.  The answer to comics is to fix comics.  There was a time when people cared more about the artist of the book.  And in that time, artists could actually make a living wage drawing comics.  Hell, Rob Liefeld made millions without having to do much of anything but draw comics.

Comics as a medium can be popular again.  But it has to be artist driven, not writer driven.

Right now that’s not very feasable because of the way publishers are set up and the way the media covering comics is set up.

Right now I think the answer is that artists need to put more of an emphasis on being their own writer.  Even if you are shit at writing.  Most writers of comics are shit at writing comics.  That’s the dirty truth of 90 percent of the comics I see that actually make it shelves.  Trust me, you can’t do much worse.

But if you are both the writer and the artist–you are infinitely more likely to start recieving attention as a creator–and that does start to swing the pendalum I believe back toward people actually looking at the comics they are reading.  Which I think would bring a wider audience into comics.

Also to that end, stop drawing like everyone else.  Make a style so wild and worlds so unbelievable that you become undeniable.

I don’t know anything about anything, and am the least qualified person to probably ever talk about any of this.  This is just random things i thought while reading this Steve Grant article

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