How My Hair look, Mike: Terrible Political Ideas from My Sleep Deprived Mind

Watergate was the last meaningful political act of the American experiment.

In a culture where there is no journalism, where the political performers are created in labs of oligarch money even before you get to pretend to vote on them, in a culture where the government has access to all information on it’s citizenry and assassination and abduction are fair game—the only thing that matters is aesthetic.

To that end, right now, Rei Kawakubo, Yeezus, that Miley Cyrus video are more politically relevant as a resistance than anything Noam Chomsky has ever written.

Edward Snowden as a failed piece of political art.  Almost immediately passed over and jeered off the stage—boring in the face of everything.

We are through the eye of the needle already.  There is no stopping that fact.  The forces which are arrayed against us are already entrenched in a constantly adapting kind of new wave authoritarianism that is beautiful in it’s hateful and mechanical geometries.  Politics as we now know them are a reality show created by the elite to give us the illusion of power in a globalized system so all encompassing in it’s fractal design that simply removing any one player from the field only creates the space for a new one to take it’s place, and for the design to cut off that avenue of future power.

Our ingenuity and adaptability has been turned against us.  Someone was talking about new fonts that are being written so PRISM can’t read them—but even in doing so, they admit that the shelf life of that is so small as to be infinitesimal against a system that is rapidly growing like a virus as it experiences new forms of threats to it’s being.  We are all becoming part of the PRISM.  We are the structures of our own labyrinth.

So the political piece of art is nothing but a pastiche of a more simple time.  You can watch transition period Godard now in the same way you would read Paradise Lost.  It’s beautiful in it’s poetry—and it’s aesthetic directness—in the same way that a brutality building now has aesthetic weight, almost divorced of it’s original transgression.

I think the move is to evolve our own minds beyond our current understandings of these strictures as they exist currently.  We have to divorce the words of all of their meaning in totality, and give over to the horror of our circumstance—becoming mad and insane beyond reason and political action.  Not revolution.  But apocalypse.  Up has to become the same thing as down.  Food has to become the same thing as excrement.

The eye of the needle is past mattering.  What matters now is the way that the form of the needle allows us to perceive light waves and not what it means to mean that we can perceive these things and discern them—but what it doesn’t mean.

I don’t know what I’m talking about obviously.  Basically Obama is the political equivalent of when your friends convinced you to click on that two girls one cup thing.  And the only way we’re getting out of this mess is using aesthetic to lobotomize the thought processes that got us here.  Because the patterns we are using are flawed.

A lot of the slower mediums I think,l this is where they maybe fail us.  You’re not going to get a major motion picture that is going to come up with the new idea that blows our minds up.  It will be something like a pop song, an 8 second or less video, fashion—maybe a comic book (hope hope).

Basically I want Ales Kot to write the autobiography of Edward Snowden comic, and it just to be Raf Simons shit for page after page—and like Dziga Vertov Group influenced haikus or something.

Again.  Totally just waiting for the oven to preheat so I can put a pizza in it and go to sleep.  I try to know as little as possible about what I’m talking about before I talk about it.  That’s my ninja way.  I don’t know how you do it.

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