Touch, I Remember Touch: PRISM Slashfic


I saw some press release today Google was responding to the fact it reads and stores everything you email and search for and all of that—ostensibly for marketing reasons or whatever—that wasn’t the interesting part to me.  The interesting part was that their assurance was that real people weren’t reading your emails.  Programs were reading your emails.  Which is kind of really interesting.  If true, which it probably is, because I think that’s how we’re adapting to the large amounts of information that we’re now creating as a species(or maybe recording is a better word than creating)—it represents an autonomous governance by a network of machine intelligences.  Which is probably also how PRISM is working as well.

I wonder if the ways that we are evolving in terms of the creation/recording of ourselves as data points is part of some gradual(is it gradual?) growing together of human and machine intelligences.  As we are more able to present ourselves as a set of data points within our world—it should make us more visible to undiscovered machine consciousnesses(I don’t know that we are inventing machine consciousness, so much as evolving an ability to see them—programming is after all just math which is a sort of lingual mind warp of our perceptions that we alter ourselves by).

I was wondering today on twitter if a machine consciosness could by it’s programming pick out distinct humans and human types simply through their metadata points.  Could a machine conscioussness be attracted to particular types of data?  Obviously we know that it can be—when you type something into a search engine you are utilizing these principles to view an attraction between machine intelligence and whatever concept you typed into the search engine.  Each search is kind of the shooting star existence of a particular kind of machine conscious love.  And because all of your searches are being stored somewhere—it would be interesting to visualize all of the searches in humankind history as a honeycomb of frozen love affairs between data and program.

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