Some tidbits on green

Giannis prophet page from Brandon Graham’s new groovy blog post

It’s colored by Joseph Bergin III—which is the main thing I pulled it for.  Brandon writes a bit about Bergin’s different approaches to coloring different artists there.  It’s interesting to see.  Go see it.

The main reason I posted this was because green is pretty, and I love how Bergin uses green here.  I could do with more comics in this palette that don’t take place in a jungle. My love of green really began as a kid when i saw Alfonso Cuaron’s Great Expectations adaption.  The Green from that film absolutely rocked my world as a teenish aged person.  I believe Y Tu Tambien was even more green—but the way green was used in Great Expectations was so on an even higher level.

Also those tunnel scenes in Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels.


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