My favorite page from Blaise Larmee’s tumblr comic

 Comics were kind of getting me down the past week or so.  Besides the old stand bys I already know about–there wasn’t like anything that I was seeing that was like this “hey whoa” type of thing.  A lot of stuff where it was just like “oh that’s nice”.  Sustaining myself on Ken Ishikawa comics just to get through the day.  This page from Blaise Larmee’s tumblr comic, or comic tumblr brought me back.  And I mean it’s weird.  For the most part .gif comics just make me insecure, because I don’t have very much interest in making them, or the knowledge to do so.  I think the bulk of them are pretty suck.  I liked this one though.  I love the way the motion of the panels and the page as a whole sort of shift you around the page.  I also love Blaise’s line.  His people are so beautiful and cool.  And a lot of it is just in that line and sort of his innate sense of posture. 

I also really like the dimensional space of the panels in this.  The panels go back to front, left to right, and top to bottom.  When you see a page like this, the page just seems more infinite in it’s permutations.  I also think it’s almost impossible for me not to start on the right side of the page, and read up–to the left, and then back down.  The triangle between the three principle images, creates almost a swirling affect in the composition. 

The larger project it’s a part of is pretty fascinating too.  It is sort of the logical progression of the altcomics project, in terms of thinking about how tumblr is a comic.  I think before it was the comic is tumblr, and now the tumblr is the comic. 


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