In Which I compare Dave Stewart to Cam’ron…

I’ve been reading Dave Stewart’s work on Hellboy in Hell–and yeah Dave Stewart is the gold standard for coloring anything these days–but like if you cover up one of your eyes or something and block out Mignola’s art–and just see the colors—it’s kind of fucking crazy what Stewart is putting on those pages. I think of Hellboy as being so stately and earthy in tone–but even the cover of hellboy in hell is purple and pink tones–it’s like…Cam’ron or something. And then there’s like a part where this art nouveau gold pops in–and that’s beyond even the notion of all hellboy comics as sort of background music for the color red.

Dave Stewart colors are like the equivalent of the feeling of seeing a James Stokoe page and you’re just like “ugh…fuck these guys..that’s not fair”–which isn’t to say I’d want to color like Stewart. My aesthetic is I think pretty different. But I’d like to have that level of control over anything that I’m doing. He’s like calling his shots–god mode–cheat codes–type of thing. Lebron Game 6 against the Celtics. Type of thing.


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