Alison Sampson; the Cat page; and how many times I can force Breccia into a conversation: Round 73

My favorite page from Alison Sampson’s new entry for Spera.

I call it the Cat page.  But really my favorite thing about this page is the panel next to last with dude + hat.    The textures on his hat and face are super what I’m about seeing more of in comics.  Alison’s stuff that I’ve gotten to see has a lot of the things that I like in people like Breccia and Sienkiewicz’s New Mutants run(that’s his actual artist name now: Sienkiewicz’s New Mutants Run).

I feel like more people should be looking at those old Breccia and Breccia influenced comics rather than just trying to copy third generation Jim Lee or Paul Pope.  Seeing pages like this is like seeing comics’ remember part of itself suddenly.

It makes sense though.  Alison has some of the dopest taste in comics on the whole of the internet—and you should follow her around on said interweb.  I think a huge part of developing any kind of skill in any art is about also being a good reader.  You can’t make music without a good ear.  You can’t write or draw well without a good eye.  I think in some respects drawing is the art of seeing others art and understanding it for yourself.  And progressing by it.  Or something like that.


dope cat (cf. mercurialblonde). from the current chapter of spera. chobo means business.


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