Rob Liefeld; Also Colors

Rob Liefeld

I looooove these.  The horizontal layouts, with insane flat color combinations—and then I love how on that third page those last two panels on the top section arrow down into Deadpool’s face.

I also love that middle panel on the first page of Cable looking all Blade Runnery with that x-ing light pattern behind him.

Contemporary coloring techniques would absolutely ruin these pages.  I love these gaudy extreme color combinations and how they are working the mood.  Remember when Marvel re-released that X-men #1 from Lee and Claremont and re-colored it with shitty gradients and shit—yeah…I think they had this stuff right the first time.  Let’s go back to this.

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  1. abhub said:

    I can’t see the image but nvm I’ll look for it.

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